About Ellen Wiedenhoeft

   = Truth

     I     = Identity
     As   = Ascension 


Trias Earth is dedicated to support Mother Earth and Humankind in the process of Ascension 

I am a qualified pharmacist who worked in Switzerland until 2001. During my travels to China in 1994 and 1996 I became fascinated by Traditional Chinese Medicine and the culture and realized that Traditional Chinese Medicine exposed me to a totally different way of thinking of how health can be maintained and achieved. This experience motivated me to study Acupuncture and Herbs for 3 years in Switzerland and in 1999 to return to China for a 3 month practicum at the Red Cross Hospital in Hangzhou. 

In 2001 I decided to take a break for 18 months to gain clarity about my future career path.  And so the journey began… 
When I arrived in Fremantle, WA, 3 weeks turned into years. 2002 was a busy year which saw the completion of Reiki I and II and the fast tracked 2 year Australian Flower Essences, Mind Body Medicine course. 

I discovered the Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program Temple Templates in the middle of the same year. I was so taken by this program that I waited until Devahnah Ellandria, Program Channel, started her first Practitioner Course in 2003. Each consecutive year, another level of the Sacred Geometry program has been birthed. Level 3 finished in 2005. Two years later I received an invitation to the Master Courses Level 1 through to 3, which I completed in the same year. In 2007 I also received the logo and the name TRIAS EARTH during a meditation and the business name was registered in WA.

The Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program has been a wonderful journey for me and still is, in which I unlocked different skills and abilities, like using Sound for healing and Channeling the Light Body Waters. So experiencing this transformation in myself I love to empower others to do the same. On this website I offer not only sessions with this program, but also Courses to enable you to go on your own journey with the Master Alchemists of Andromeda.

Visiting the Tibetan Acupressure - Compassionate Touch course in 2013 with Rae Haetherton here in Perth, I had the experience to awaken this unique method within me. So on this website I also offer sessions with this method for all sorts of aches and pains or as a prevention of illness. I feel very honored to be chosen from Rae Haetherton to teach this method in Australia and Europe as well.

I am open to travel to different destinations, so courses can be offered in many different locations usually from Oktober to March in Australia and Southeast Asia and from April to September in Europe.