MerkabaThe Light Body Alchemy Channeled Water (LBACW) is falling into the category of Vibrational Medicine, like Homoeopathy and Flower Essences or Gem Essences. In contact with subtle vibrations, the body receives impulses for regeneration, harmonising, alignments and further development. The basis for this to occur lies in the fact that everything has its own particular vibration.

Science has shown that water has a memory. This means it is able to store information. Information comes in form of waves, like radio waves, which have certain frequencies. Frequency refers to how many waves are made per time interval.

LBAC Waters are holding the frequencies to activate our Light Body system and in this case our Double Tetrahedron; also called Mer Ka Ba (Mer = rotating field of light, Ka = spirit, Ba = body), which has been well known in ancient Egypt. This system has been cut off for humanity for a very long time. Our Body system was originally designed to hold high frequencies of light. In the past the connections between our physical body and our Light Body have been literally disconnected. This resulted into separated consciousness and we forgot everything besides our reality here on this planet earth including our knowledge about our origin. The evidence for this lies still in our physical bodies in form of the meridians known in Traditional Chinese Medicine. In this System life force (Qi, Ki or Prana) is circulating through our whole body system, which can be balanced through acupuncture or herbs. For rejuvenation and regeneration it is necessary to reconnect this system to our fifth dimensional circulatory system.

Today humanity is in a huge evolutionary journey where we are able to step back into the full capacity of our Light Body System.

dna 500As a Newborn the body contains 75 % of water and in the first 10 years we will lose up to 10% of this water. Anatomically and physiologically, we differentiate between extracellular (all body liquid found outside of cells) and intracellular fluids (liquid found inside cells). Diffusion (exchange of water) occurs through the various membranes between these extracellular and intracellular compartments. This results in a permanent exchange between both compartments. 

Blood plasma contains 90% water, poorly developed muscle tissue still 75 % water, fat tissue contains 25 % water and also our bones have 22 % of water. This means that if we bring “Energised Water” into our body system, the information of this Water will get into contact with our whole physical body. 

The LBAC Waters are giving you the opportunity to align your physical body to your above mentioned Light Body System. This then allows you to access and explore this ethereal part of your system, which is part of the Higher Self. In other words we are now able to express who we really are in integrating our Higher Self into our physical existence; like “As above, so below”.

Light Body Alchemy Channeled Water - Set of 12

Light water set of 12The Light Body Alchemy Channeled Water contain an exquisite hight freqency which will help to activate the key points of the Light Body = Merkaba. The chrystalline structures are cleared and activated. The word Merkaba describes the connectness of light, mind and body. We are now capable of retrieving back our mulitdimensional being in human form. And you, who is reading this, you has made the decision to be an active part of this evolution. These Light Body Alchemy Channeled Waters are the perfect tool to accelerate your process. These LBACW-Sets are created with love and devotion to support humanity in the extraordinary, evolutionary process of our times. The creation takes place in cooperation with the Masters of Andromeda, Goddess Andromeda, Goddess of Nineeva, Harmonic Realm of Natur, Overdiva of water and their healing power, my ancestors of ancient times, which knew about the healing ability of water and with the guardian of the 4 directions.This Light Body Alchemy Channeled Water Set of 12 is able to accelerate your process.

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How to take it

  1. I always suggest to start with No. 8 - TRANSFORMATION which accesses the area with most connection points in the light body structur, and works on the emotional level. 
  2. Followed by No. 7 - REGENERATION which also has a very grounding component.
  3. The third bottle is No. 5 - ORIGINS which supports you to tap into the essence of self love.
  4. After this use your intuitive guide to choose your next Light Body Alchemy Water.


Once a day 7 drops under the tongue or with a glass of pure water until finished.

15 ml correspond to 300 drops -  42 days or 6 weeks

Description of each Light Body Alchemy Channeled Water


AUD180.00 each Light Body Alchemy Channeled Water Set Add to cart