Andromeda Galaxy

"Our separation from each other is an optical illusion of consciousness."
Albert Einstein


The Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program helps you to establish a relationship with your higher self. We are living in a time, in which we are able to bring into physicality all the abilities our authentic (higher) self contains. Your authentic self knows exactly why you came here into physicality as well as what you would like to achieve during this lifetime here on earth. 

Opening to Universal Heart & Mind with The Master Alchemists of Andromeda

The Sacred Geometry Fulcrum Point Program has been channelled from the 6th Dimension of the Andromedean Galaxy by Devahnah Ellandria. The program has been given especially for this time of Ascension from the Master Alchemists of Andromeda from the sixth dimension. This program is a unique hand on healing modality used to unlock your Christ Conscious DNA, open your heart and rebirth the beauty and majesty of the God/Goddess you are (Level one and two). Level three is used to clear the Earth from memories that negatively impact her many dimensions and rebirth the Earths natural alignment to joy and well being.You do not need to want to be a Practitioner to do the course as the program is excellent for self healing and many come to it for that very reason. It is also popular with those who wish to form a relationship with the Master Alchemists of Andromeda and the Inner Earth.

On all course levels you will receive an initiation to expand your ability as a vessel for healing and to bring through the Sacred Geometry.

Program Origins 

The Andromedean Galaxy maintains an uncorrupted link between Universal Mind and Heart and our Solar System.

The sixth dimension exists entirely independently from the idea of separation consciousness. Pure thought, colour, sound and light take on numerological significance and geometric form in this dimension. The Master Alchemists of Andromeda, the Ascendant Masters and the Inner Earth Council of Elders amongst others exist on this dimensional level. They are intimately linked to us as co-creators of Humanity and the Earths Original Geometric Blue Print. Wise, compassionate and kind they lovingly offer the program to all who wish to unlock and own their magnificence.