Property and Land Clearings

Using pure intent, clarity of vision and sacred geometry creates home, property and work place health and well being. Open your environment to Health, Well Being, Joy and Prosperity.

Release negativity, memories & lost souls from your environments energy field & ley lines that may be attracting and anchoring disharmony, illness, depression or poverty.

Welcome the support, love and protection offered to you by helpful Devas, Guardians and Elementals. Align your environment to its original state of being: balanced, peaceful, harmonious and abundant.

Why not ask yourself these questions...

  • Are you experiencing health disorders?
  • Is the land area you are living on exposed to any kind of pollutants?
  • How are your sleeping patterns?
  • Do you feel psychically bombarded, vulnerable or exposed?
  • Is harmony missing in your relationships?
  • Do you have problems getting your business started?
  • Is your property being affected by surrounding negative influences?
  • Or do you simply feel uncomfortable at home and you don’t know why?

Distance healing for properties also available

AUD330.00 each Earth Healing / Space Clearing with Sacred Geometry Add to cart

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