Amazing Sound Healing

My sound healing session was so amazing, relaxing and helped me rebuild my strength and access to myself. My aches and pains that I had when I came disappeared completely during the session. It is like going to a special retreat.

What a relief..

Dear Ellen! Thank you so very much for the great amazing sessions of Tibetan Acupressure compassionate touch I was lucky to have in February 2017!

They worked wonders for me! This gentle wholesome method deeply relaxed me and left me pain free and light for three days after the sessions!

I certainly intend to have more of TACT sessions to relieve more and more the severe pain I often experience through my osteoarthritis condition. I highly recommend TACT to relieve pains and get the whole energy system back into balance!

Learning in joy, ease & simplicity

I just attended the introductionary workshop for the Tibetan Acupressure (TACT Level 1) run by Ellen Wiedenhoeft. I love how simple however very effective this modality is. It is something that is always at hand and the beneficiary does not even need to lie down or undress. Very cool. 

Ellen runs these workshops with a lot of passion as the teacher. The course is still conducted on a very professional level. She creates a conducive environment for all to learn in ease, joy and simplicity. Highly recommended!

Compassionate and gifted healer

I came to Ellen for healing after trying many different therapies and healers to regain my health after having a stroke approx. 5 years ago. I was very unstable on my feet which Ellen could see. So in my first session Ellen worked to change this energetically for me which I found miraculous as this was a huge improvement for me. I continue to see Ellen for her powerful Tibetan Acupressue and Sacred Geometry Healing as I feel the overall improvement to my health with each session. I consider Ellen to be a very compassionate and gifted healer and I would highly recommend her healing abilities to anyone struggling with any type of health issues. 

Thank you so much Ellen for your wonderful healings, I am very grateful.

Singing and dancing ...

What a wonderful treatment this Tibetan Acupressure was. I did not really have a lot of expectations when I went for what I thought it to be a "massage". I was very surprised about the immediate effects of the Tibetan Acupressure. My tiredness was gone, my body felt rejuvenated and there was even a swing in my step together with an internal laughter as I left. Thank you Ellen, you are doing a miraculous job.

Sound Healing

I have received several sound healings from Ellen Wiedenhoeft, owner of TRIAS Earth .When I came to Ellen, I could immediately feel the positive energy coming from her. It was just amazing! Being on the table and receiving a sound healing from Ellen was a wonderful experience for me!
I was nervous and stressed out at the start and during the sound healing I experienced a sensational transformation; all the cells in my body were resonating to the vibrations of the beautiful sound! I left Ellen feeling calm, restful and at peace with myself. Highly recommended!

Sacred Geometry Course

I completed the Level 1 of The Sacred Geometry course in 2009 with Ellen Wiedenhoeft.
I found Ellen to be very professional, yet nurturing, in her presentation of the course.  Ellen covered everything she intended to cover in the time frame given.  Ellen’s passion for Sacred Geometry and for teaching shines through.  She made the course interesting and fun, while teaching us the fundamentals of Sacred Geometry.   The venue was very nurturing and had a wonderful feel to it.  The Power of Sacred Geometry is awesome, I intend using it in my healing practice.

Sacred Geometry Experience

Having experienced Sacred Geometry through Ellen I was very impressed by the immediacy of the healing I received. I felt that the blockages that I carried in my lower back were lessened if not released by the session I had with her. I also gathered more insight into my own soul journey. I would recommend the Sacred Geometry Program to any one that wishes to experience deep healing. 

Sacred Geometry Personal Healing

I have experienced many healing sessions with Ellen on the personal healing level using Sacred Geometry. Ellen has a natural intuitive gift and facilities the healing using sacred Geometry. I chose the sacred geometry healing that was right for me at the time. Ellen then provided me with healing drops to help me through the transition of healing. I felt fantastic as a result of the healings. I really appreciate the healing abilities of sacred geometry and found the whole experience helped me on my personal growth.
Ellen has a natural gift and is passionate about her healing journey. I highly recommend her and her business TRIAS EARTH.  

Sacred Geometry Earth Healing

I received an earth healing on my property by Trias Earth owner Ms Ellen Wiederhoeft. I wanted to clear my property of any unwanted energies prior to putting it up for sale. Ellen did an Earth Healing on it and the result was amazing. I felt a huge shift in the energy on the property. I put the property up for sale and it sold within the first hour of it being up for sale. I believe that the earth healing had helped me also to shift my attachment and the property was healed. Earth Healing by Ellen is highly recommended and I support Trias Earth in their business venture. Ellen did an amazing job and I recommended her to all my friends.